Rocket Health is now available on Safe Boda, Xente and MTN Pulse.

Rocket Health is excited to announce its strategic partnerships with Safe Boda, Xente App, and MTN Pulse, a move that marks each partner’s entry into prescription drug delivery. This partnership is aimed at increasing Rocket Health’s service points and enables users on the different platforms to identify the best available prices on certain pharmaceutical and personal care products and arrange for home delivery, all in one seamless transaction.

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These partnerships allow the users to shop from their preferred vendor, and to enjoy the advantage of knowing that the products they order for will arrive at the front of their door when they need them, eliminating unnecessary trips to the pharmacy.

Customers ordering from Safe Boda and Xente applications can order for their preferred products directly from the app to make it easy to acquire their prescriptions and other pharmacy needs during this critical time of COVID-19.

Subscribers of MTN Pulse will receive a weekly text message from MTN communicating the week’s promo item and a code to redeem the offers. The message will include a link to access the product or service on our e-shop, add it to your shopping cart and use the promo code at checkout.

Rocket Health is committed to providing innovative service offerings to ensure that every customer gets their medical assistance and other essentials when and where they need them and at favorable prices. We remain committed to enhancing and refining our delivery service to cover more areas in the months to come.

Our pharmacy can be reached at 0800100700 or visit our e-shop.

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