Our Projects

Forming Strategic Partnerships for Healthcare Research, Innovation and Development.

Artificial Intelligence

Software Development

Health Content

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Data & Research

Public Health

Track Record

Over the years, we have partnered and managed various high profile projects. These projects have ranged from Public Health to Artificial Intelligence and our partners have been both local and International organisations.


With a combined 50 years of experience among the management team, we have broad expertise in digital health project execution and management. We also have a diverse and multi talented team with experience and skills in Technology, Public Health, Research, Data Science, Finance and Administration, Communications and Marketing.

Design Thinking

We pride ourselves in aligning with design principles and human centred development to come up with grounded and innovative solutions for our clients. We take all the necessary steps to ensure that viable, impactful and cost-effective solutions are provided for all our clients.


With the oversight of our Board of Directors, we continuously maintain strict corporate governance practices and guidelines in all our activities. This in turn protects the reputation of all stakeholders involved.
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