Software Development

TeleHealth Information System

(EMR, Pharmacy, Lab, QA, Payments)

We leverage interoperable open source, inhouse and proprietary software platforms to deliver a complete TeleHealth Information System. This comprises software for   Electronic Medical Records, Quality Management, Pharmacy Management, Lab Management.

We also support organisations involved in digital health throughout the needs analysis, conceptualization, prototyping and development of the appropriate solution architecture for their solutions.. These include mobile health applications, medical call centre software, monitoring platforms for public health programs e.g DHIS2, patient engagement portals, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platforms E.g OpenMRS.


Asterisk is an open source product that allows you to easily build and scale contact centre services.


RapidPro is an open source product that allows you to easily build and scale mobile services from anywhere in the world.


CasePro software efficiently streamlines workflow automation and task management within TMCG.


Superset is a data exploration and visualization web application. It provides an intuitive interface to explore and visualize datasets, and create interactive dashboards. It also provides a wide array of beautiful visualizations to showcase your data.

Mobile Applications 

We have developed mobile health applications suitable for both Android and iOS systems both in-house and with our partners. Among these is the ANECCA mobile App. In partnership with the African Network for the Care of Children Affected by HIV/AIDS (ANECCA) and UNICEF, The Medical Concierge Group was tasked to create the ANECCA App, a mobile application that was to be used by medical practitioners with the aim of contributing to the continuous medical education. This eLearning platform targets Medical Doctors nurses, as well as clinical officers with training, coaching,mentorship and technical support supervision to address knowledge and skills gaps.

We have also developed the first health chatbot and symptom checker in Africa called “Mirembe” and use “Ada” a diagnosis- based Artificial Intelligence in our day to day health consultations. We continually look out for more opportunities in software development.

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