SMS Maama Project

Uganda’s high maternal and infant mortality ratio has been attributed to among others; complications during pregnancy and during births outside hospitals as well as failure to recognise symptoms of killer infections among neonates and infants. This is largely due to the fact that most mothers do not get adequate health information regarding their pregnancies and post-natal care to empower them to embrace good health behaviour.

SMS Maama is an Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved cohort study aimed at assessing the value of mobile health and mobile messaging for antenatal care retention as well as positive medical outcomes for both mother and baby.

It focuses on the usability, feasibility and user satisfaction of an interactive SMS system aimed to promote maternal child health using TMCG system. It is being implemented by the University of Minnesota with support from TMCG using the RapidPro SMS system. The mHealth service shares pregnancy related health communications and screening for possible symptoms of pregnancy complications are interrelated to the women, hence improving communication between women and their health care providers.

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