Pharmacy Technician – 2 Positions

Job Purpose: The Pharmacy technician will be responsible for filling prescriptions from the doctors and delivery of medicines to clients to their specific locations. Additionally, he / she will be  responsible for ensuring real-time update of the inventory management system and that stock is well maintained with proper documentation.

Key roles and responsibilities:

  • Fill prescriptions from the doctors and any other prescriptions received at the pharmacy.
  • Support field delivery of Medicines and other items as prescribed or requested by the clients
  • To provide drug information to patients after delivery to improve better understanding of the medication and improve adherence.
  • Maintain stock inventory records of all medicines and items in the pharmacy by completing daily records


  • A diploma in Pharmacy
  • Minimum of 2 years working experience in a dispensing role
  • Good Understanding of use of electronic point of sale and inventory management systems.
  • Must be registered and hold a current Allied health professional council practicing license.


  • Excellent communication and customer care skills with fluency in English
  • Flexible with ability to work in changing environments.
  • High Levels of organization and concentration
  • Keen interest in telemedicine

RELEVANT but not mandatory:

Can ride a motorcycle

*This position may include work outside routine hours

How to Apply

Send applications to by Friday 29th May 2020

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