Pediatric HIV/AIDS Mobile Application and E-learning platform

Through a partnership with TMCG and The African Network for Care of Children Affected by HIV/AIDS (ANECCA), developed an iOS and Android mobile application and digital clinical mentorship toolkit. The project is targeted at medical doctors, nurses, as well as clinical officers and is contributing to the knowledge acquisition across all cadres of health providers.

This eLearning app platform is currently being used to conduct training, coaching, mentorship and technical support supervision to address knowledge, skills gaps and improve the support services Building robust healthcare enterprise platforms requires a solid understanding and appreciation of the healthcare industry needs and what appropriate technological innovations are suited to bring a solution. These include mobile health applications (iOS/Android), call centre software (Asterisk, RapidPro, CasePro), population health monitoring platforms (DHIS2) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platforms (OpenMRS). There is evidence that patient-centred and appropriate adaptation of technology improves the efficiency of delivery of healthcare and accelerates the achievement of patient care and public health goals.

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